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Java3D Haptics meeting 1 Dec 99

Present: DB, CR, JS, RE


Investigation, development, and testing has concluded:

  1. The Java3D performance bottleneck is a known issue and is a popular complaint in the Java3D newsgroup. There is no obvious solution to this problem for our project at this time.
  2. DB has completely rebuilt the java haptics code to make it easily extensible (for other haptic devices).
  3. RE brought the DirectX v7 SDK CD.
  4. Bayan has been doing work on DirectX.


  1. DB will work on the DX extension of the java haptics.
  2. DB will continue searching for a solution to the Java3D performance bottleneck.
  3. CR will send some sample code of simple windows drawing techniques for Bayan to use with his code (for prototyping.)

Additional Notes:

Our next meeting is 17 Dec 1999.

Morale is high and things are progressing well

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