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Displaying mathematics on the web is a notoriously difficult problem; The existing solutions, notably the use of GIF images for the presentation of mathematical notation, prove problematic in general, and particularly so for viewers with disabilities. The recent W3C proposal for an XML mathematics language, MathML, promises to quickly become the Internet standard for mathematical documents.

This component of the NIDE project proposes to approach MathML at this early stage, when standards and conventions for implementation are being developed. Considering both issues of authoring and presentation, the goals of the MathML project are to find or create methodologies for alternative display of MathML content, and methods of notation generation accessible to those with visual disabilities. The hope is that these tools may be included in MathML authoring tools and user agents as they become available.

Motivation: Motivation is summarized in this paper, presented at CSUN 2001. Note: the MAB is no longer the ATRC's NIDE Plan. Please see section below for current direction.

Current Direction: The current direction of the presentation component of the NIDE MathML Project is summarized in this document.

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