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CitySpeak- Self Voicing Urban Planning Tool

CitySpeak is an interactive geography learning tool being developed by the University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) offering students the opportunity to design and construct their own cities.

The current geography curriculum in Ontario emphasizes the practical application of learned skills. In CitySpeak, teachers and students are able to design a starting landscape – complete with different types of terrain and geographical features. This initial landscape can then be transformed into a variety of cityscapes by placing urban elements onto the pre-set map. Students are then required to justify their location and element choices by writing a supporting report for their city. CitySpeak reinforces understanding of elements of geographical features, land-use considerations, urban planning styles and protocols, as well as community needs and concerns.

Unlike other urban planning tools, CitySpeak offers a fully accessible interactive learning experience designed to engage all learners regardless of ability.

Accessibility Features of CitySpeak include:

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