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Snowbird Software's "Electric Chemistry Building"
Opens up to Learners with Disabilities

Snowbird Software, based in Hamilton Ontario, is currently revising its highly adaptable and engaging chemistry simulation software "Electric Chemistry Building" to include accessibility features that will provide students with disabilities access to the world of self-directed chemistry experiments.

For some students with disabilities, conducting chemistry experiments may prove difficult. Those with visual disabilities have difficulty accessing the visual cues offered by chemical reactions, and cannot utilize traditional methods of measuring experimental outcomes. For students with mobility disabilities, working with sometimes dangerous chemicals may be too much of a risk to consider the experiment a worthwhile learning venture.

Snowbird Software's Electric Chemistry Building allows users to conduct experiments using any of up to 150 chemicals and different types of experimental apparatus. The simulation then provides students with readouts of any chemical reactions that take place, and the weight, size and temperature of reactants.

The accessible version of the Electric Chemistry Building will include:

For more information about this project, or to order copies of the Electric Chemistry Building, please contact:

Snowbird Software
71A Leland St.,
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 3A1 Canada
Telephone (905) 521-9667
Fax (905) 521-9667

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